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Radical Queer Witches

Years of Therapy Expansion Pack

Years of Therapy Expansion Pack

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mental heath expansion pack

gaslighting, love-bombing, everyone's suddenly a narcissist. will another self help book really fix the anxiety of seeing all the exploitation and crisis in the world on our phones every day? maybe i just need to practice more gratitude. maybe a social media break. maybe i just need a yoga retreat. maybe i just ne----

  • 35 new answer cards
  • 10 new prompt cards


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If this game is anti-racist, why are there jokes about white people?

Anti-racism work includes accountability and talking about racism. To be anti-racist doesn't mean to just not be racist, it means to be AGAINST racism and the systems that uphold its existence. This means acknowledging whiteness and the harm white supremacy causes to marginalized people. In this game, there is accountability around topics of colonization, capitalism, cultural appropriation, and avoidance of racism that does not feed the existing oppression of BIPOC people but instead sheds a light on the ways whiteness creates real-life present harm and impact. We address these topics in ways that do not blame or shame already marginalized people but instead hold the privileged groups accountable.

Is this game only for people who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQI+?

No! Allies are welcome to enjoy the game. This game just specifically is inclusive to these marginalized groups because oftentimes, games (especially party games) make jokes about oppression that don't feel good to many of us. In this game, there is absolutely nothing fatphobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, violent, ableist, Islamaphobic, racist, homophobic, or sexist.

Can my kid play this game?

This game is 18+ as there is sexual content.

How do I play?

Click here for a video instruction!


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